Goodbye to KDE neon Plasma LTS Edition

I must admit that this news has surprised me, partly because I did not know that KDE neon it offered an option with the LTS version of Plasma. I did not know it simply because I knew the operating system by hearsay, but I did not pay much attention to it because Kubuntu is part of the official Canonical family and, in addition, GNOME gave me fewer bugs, so I used Ubuntu. Two years ago I returned to Kubuntu, and since then I have become much more interested in Plasma.

The news is that KDE neon is going to stop offering versions and support for its Plasma LTS Edition. Like themselves they tell usIt was an edition that was hardly downloaded, and it makes sense: KDE neon users tend to prefer quick updates, just what neon offers on their desktop and applications, but not on their base. This is shown by the statistics: that they offer a Testing Edition, an Unstable edition and the Plasma LTS is the least downloaded means that the newer is preferred even if it is in testing than the conservative with older software.

KDE neon is based on Ubuntu LTS

Over 3 years ago, we had taken a step back from our Plasma LTS Edition. It never quite fit the way KDE neon works as a product or project. Plasma was stuck in the past, while the rest of the system kept advancing rapidly, resulting in a less than stellar user experience and a huge maintenance cost. Meanwhile, it has always been the least used edition.

Three years ago, seeing the little success that the edition had that will soon disappear, already they decided don’t show it on your download page. The project will drop support for its Plasma LTS Edition on next july 1. For those who prefer an LTS edition, the project recommends switching to Kubuntu or openSUSE LEap, although logically they prefer to continue using their operating system, but already in the normal edition.