KDE Gear will be the new name of KDE Applications

KDE Gear

At the beginning of March we wrote an article about something that the K project was preparing. Following the links and the text they provided, we understood that it was a package of applications that did not fit into the KDE Applications, although they were related to KDE, but o They tried to confuse us, and they succeeded, or we misunderstood. What will happen from this April is that the KDE Applications will be called KDE Gear.

To be fair I have to mention this article of 9to5Linux which is the one that has taken me out of doubts with more than a week late, when Jonathan Riddell the public of cover in his blog. This is where he explains that KDE Applications will be renamed KDE Gear, something that will probably announce next April 22, when the next version of the set of apps is scheduled to be released. For weeks past, the project has continued to refer to the future package as KDE Applications 21.04.

KDE Gears to be released on April 22

Riddell is part of KDE project and it is more focused on the development of KDE neon than in Kubuntu, but the applications are the same in both operating systems, beyond the fact that they arrive earlier in neon than in the system that is part of the official Ubuntu family. The developer explains that:

KDE Gear is the new name for the application bundle (and libraries and plugins) of the project that you want the launch faff removed. Once it was called just KDE, then KDE SC, then KDE Applications, then the unbranded launch service and now we are grouping it again as KDE Gear.

It is mentioned in parentheses that KDE Gear are also “libraries and plugins”, so reading as they present it, I can’t stop thinking about whether they will include Frameworks in the package. Most likely not, but we’ll find out all the details when Gear is officially unveiled.

As for the name itself, it is not known whether they have taken the logo into account, since what accompanies the K is a “Gear” which is how “Gear” is translated into Spanish. What we do hope is that the new package arrives well greased and everything moves fine.

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