KDE Gear 21.12 Arrives With New Features December 2021

KDE Gear 21.12

The most popular thing that KDE develops is Plasma. In fact, its acronym comes from Kool Desktop Environment, but the team is not only in a graphical environment. It also develops many applications focused on productivity, such as its Kate, which is much more complete than other text editors, or Krita, its “Paint” for advanced users. A few moments ago they have launched KDE Gear 21.12, the first version of the December 2021 set.

After the August set and the three point updates to it, KDE Gear 21.12 reintroduces new functions, so we are facing one of those releases in which our favorite application may have improved even more. For example, the KDE video editor, Kdenlive, introduces a new noise removal feature for speech.

KDE Gear 21.12 now available

Among the novelties, they are mentioned what’s new in Dolphin, that it is now easier to identify and find folders, that Spectacle has improved the view of images when we drag and drop them from the Spectacle preview to Dolphin to save them or to an online hosting service to share them.

Kdenlive is KDE’s video editor, and they made a lot of modifications a while ago that we had a hard time getting used to. It also introduced bugs, but with the passage of time they regain lost ground. In the December 2021 version they have introduced a noise reducer for voice and movement tracking has been improved, among many other new features. As for other apps, the KDE article also mentions improvements to Elisa and Konsole.

KDE Gear 21.12 has been released this noon, and some of your apps will appear on Flathub soon. In the next few hours they will arrive in KDE neon, and probably the KDE Backports repository for distributions like Kubuntu. Later they will come to other distributions.

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