KDE Gear 21.12.2

Today February 3, KDE had a release scheduled. There are actually many releases, all of which are part of KDE Gear 21.12.2. This is the second point update to the KDE suite of apps for December 2021, and it has arrived with no notable new features. The important novelties are launched in April, August and December, and the rest of the months are used to correct the bugs that are found in the project’s applications.

The release of KDE Gear 21.12.2 has been made official this noon, and in the full list of news appear a total of 113 changes. As usual, it is not surprising that Kdenlive has been the one that has fixed the most bugs, since the project’s video editor is adding a lot very fast, so there is also a lot to fix quickly. Among the most used and well-known applications, Okular has corrected six bugs and Kate five.

KDE Gear 21.12.2 now available, soon in your distribution

The thing to keep in mind, at least when it comes to Linux software, is that just because something has been announced doesn’t mean we can already (easily) use it on our operating system. The project has released the code of KDE Gear 21.12.2, and will also add it soon, if it hasn’t already, to KDE neon and the KDE Backports repository. To receive the new versions before in Kubuntu, you have to add the repository.

Already in March, KDE Gear 21.12.3 will be released, which will be the last point update in this series, and a month later KDE Gear 22.04.0, the next major update that will introduce new features, will arrive. If you are interested in knowing what that series will bring, we recommend you to read here in Ubunlog the articles about “This week in KDE” that are published on the weekends, usually on Saturdays.