KDE Gear 21.12.1

It’s only been six days into 2022 and we’ve already had several launches. This is how they were programmed, and after the Plasma 5.23.5 of last Tuesday today they have launched KDE Gear 21.12.1. This is the first maintenance update of the KDE application set for December 2021, made up of more than 120 applications and their corresponding libraries. As a point update, what they gave us a few moments ago does not include new functions, but it does include corrections in applications such as Spectacle, Elisa, Kate or Kdenlive.

As we can read in the change list from KDE Gear 21.12.1, the project introduced this month 154 fixes. Of them, most have been returned to the project’s video editor, a Kdenlive that is introducing many new features in the latest versions, so it is difficult that there are no fringes to touch up.

KDE Gear 21.12.1 introduces the first fixes

Another widely used application on the KDE desktop that has also received a good number of fixes has been Kate, the project’s text editor. KDE Gear version 21.12.1 has fixed 16 issues on Kate, one of them for the FreeBSD version. Konversation has been the one who would have been in second position in terms of corrected problems, and further back we can see more popular applications such as Elisa and Dolphin, with 5 and 1 correction respectively.

But the fact that the launch has been made official does not mean that it is already available to all users. For Linux systems in general, some of the newer versions will start to appear on Flathub soon. For more specific systems, KDE Gear 21.12.1 should arrive this afternoon at KDE neon, if you haven’t already, and a little later to Kubuntu, as long as the project’s Backports repository has been added. If what we have installed is a distribution with a Rolling Release development model, the January 2021 applications will arrive in the next few hours / days.