KDE Gear 21.08.3

In August, KDE released the second major update of its set of applications for this 2021. They usually launch new functions three times a year, in April, August and December, and the rest of the months they give us a maintenance update or point like the one KDE Gear 21.08.3 that It has been released this afternoon of Thursday, November 4. Improvements include, but none of them is a noteworthy feature, unless we are experiencing a rude bug in an app and it has been fixed.

Being an update to correct bugs, the project has not published a note as ornate as that of August, but two articles to announce this launch. The first is where they report that it has taken place, and the second is the full list of changes, available at this link and where we can see that they have entered a total of 74 improvements.

Some new features in KDE Gear 08.21.3

  • Dolphin no longer crashes when using its context menu to archive some files, but then cancels the job in between using the notification that appears to display progress information.
  • Okular’s Quick Annotation Toolbar button now opens the full Annotation Toolbar when for some reason there are no Quick Annotations configured.
  • Okular’s bookmarks menu now reloads correctly and still displays the correct set of bookmarks when switching between open documents.
  • Okular no longer crashes when opening a PDF with a malformed date value.

KDE Gear 21.08.3 It has been released a few moments ago, so soon, if you haven’t already, you will be coming to KDE neon, the operating system that KDE controls the most. In the next few hours it should appear as an update in the Kubuntu + Backports Dolphin, and shortly after in the distributions whose development model is Rolling Release.