KDE Gear 21.08.2

As scheduled, Team K He has launched this noon KDE Gear 21.08.2. “08” is August, and 2 means that it is the second maintenance update for the set of apps released that month. There are no new functions, but bugs have been fixed, I think many for a second version of point. As usual, a large number of the changes are to correct problems with Kdenlive, the video editor that is introducing many new features that have to be polished to recover lost ground in terms of stability.

In total, on KDE Gear 21.08.2 139 bugs fixed distributed in applications such as the aforementioned Kdenlive, the Dolphin file manager, the Konsole terminal emulator, the Gwenview image viewer, the Kate text editor and the Okular document viewer, among others. You have a small list of new features introduced below.

Some new features in KDE Gear 21.08.2

  • A split view opened in Dolphin no longer closes randomly when the function is activated or deactivated to remember the state of the last closed window.
  • When we print a document in Okular and choose a scaling mode that requires the “Force rasterization” setting to be active for it to work, that setting is now automatically activated so we don’t have to know it and remember to do it manually.
  • Kate no longer hangs on exiting while the Replicode plugin is active.
  • Dolphin no longer secretly stays open in the background after compressing / archiving files using the context menu and then exiting the application.
  • In Gwenview, you can switch back between zoom modes with keyboard shortcuts after this was recently broken.
  • The Previous and Next buttons on the Elisa player control bar are no longer inappropriately disabled when the current track is paused.
  • Okular no longer allows an attempt to save over a read-only file, instead prompting for the file to be saved elsewhere.
  • Konsole is no longer so slow to close a tab when something is typed at the prompt.
  • Copying text from Okular now removes trailing newline characters.
  • Full list of changes, here.

KDE Gear 21.08.2 It has been released this afternoon, which means that developers can now grab their code to add to different Linux distributions. Soon, if you haven’t already, it will be coming to KDE neon, a little later to Kubuntu + Backports and it will also be falling into distributions whose development model is Rolling Release.