KDE Gear 21.08.1

In mid-August, the K project (or the K team as I like to call them from a play on words) launched their August 2021 set of apps. In August, as in April and December, they released the first version, the It includes new functions, and the rest of the months they give us updates to improve things. We are in September, so now it is time to correct, and KDE Gear 21.08.1 you’re already here focusing on just that.

Plasma and KDE Gear versions .1 tend to be the fixes the most, as many people have started using the newer versions and have been able to gather more information. What you have below is just a sample of the novelties that have arrived with KDE Gear 21.08.1, with the complete and official list available at this link.

What’s New in KDE Gear 08.21.1

  • Dolphin no longer hangs on exit when the integrated terminal panel is open.
  • Elisa’s file view now works again.
  • Elisa’s “next track” and “previous track” shortcuts (Ctrl + left / right arrow) now appear correctly in the settings window.
  • You can rename items from the context menu of the Dolphin folder panel.
  • Spectacle’s “Automatically copy to clipboard after taking a screenshot” feature now works correctly in the Plasma Wayland session.
  • Spectacle’s “Open Contained Folder” action now opens the correct location after copying the screenshot to the clipboard instead of manually or automatically saving it anywhere.
  • Dolphin no longer unnecessarily opens a new window after compressing or extracting files in Ark using the context menu action.
  • Dolphin ‘Reset Zoom Level’ action now works when file previews are disabled.
  • Spectacle takes screenshots again at the correct resolution in a Plasma Wayland session using a fractional scale factor such as 125%.
  • In Wayland, Spectacle no longer displays an error message when the process of taking a screenshot in the middle is canceled.
  • Elisa no longer shows the “Show in folder” button on the play page for radio broadcasts.

KDE Gear 21.08.1 has been officially released and it’s coming to KDE neon soon. Later it will do it to Kubuntu + Backports, and in the next few hours some apps will appear on Flathub. Users of other operating systems will have to wait for their distributions to add the new packages.