KDE Gear 21.04.2 is here with 80+ fixes

Elisa's website as part of KDE Gear 21.04.2

The KDE project, responsible for one of the most popular graphical environments in Linux such as Plasma, also develops other very productive software such as its applications. They release an update every month, giving us the major versions in April, August and December and the rest of the months, like last May, those that focus on correcting bugs. It’s been available for a moment KDE Gear 21.04.2, and, as a second point update, it has arrived with no new features.

As we read in the change note, KDE Gear 21.04.2 has introduced a total of 82 changes. The program that includes the most corrections is once again Kdenlive (24), the video editor of the project that, as Ricky Martin would say, seems to take “a little step forward and one step back”. Although 82 is the number of points they mention, in reality there is one that does not have to do with an application itself, but with a new web page.

KDE Gear 21.04.2 Now Available

Elisa, the music application that KDE has been betting on for a long time, is the one that has seen how their website it has improved. Or, to be honest, I’m not 100% sure if it existed before or not, but there is a point where they mention that «Elisa has a wonderful place, let’s point it out«, And there is an entry in «Invent» which opened three weeks ago. Speaking of Elisa, I miss reading something related to a problem that I am experiencing in both Manjaro KDE and Kubuntu that causes all songs to start with something less than the first second repeated. Maybe next month.

The KDE 21.04.2 release it’s official for about an hour, so your code can now be downloaded. In the next few hours, if you haven’t already, they will be coming to KDE neon and Kubuntu + Backports PPA, and there will also be some of them making it to Flathub.

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