KDE Applications 20.12.3 arrives as the last update in this series

KDE Applications 20.12.3

After the January and February versions, which were point updates from the December major release, the project that usually baptizes all its software with a name that begins with K He has launched KDE Applications 20.12.3. This is a maintenance update, the third in this series, and as such it is here for the finishing touches. The next installment will be another one like the one in December and will add, in addition to corrections, new functions.

At the time of this writing, the KDE Applications 20.12.3 release has already occurred, but it is not official. It has occurred because it is indicated in the page with the complete list of changes, which we can access from here, but I I would not say that he has done it officially because this other link, that of the informative note, continues to give an error, which we do not know if it is due to a real failure or that they have not yet updated the page with the new information.

Three new features in KDE Applications 20.12.3

While waiting for the release note to be updated, we can say that KDE Applications 20.12.3 improves the following:

  • Spectacle’s compression quality setting can now be set to 100%.
  • Gwenview’s JPEG quality selector now works again.
  • Gwenview now uses the newer OpenGL drawing view, which makes hardware accelerated transitions work in Wayland and fixes various other bugs and glitches.

The KDE Applications 20.12.3 Release it’s official, but it may still take a few minutes to get to the earliest system, which is the KDE neon of the project itself. Later they will start to reach other distributions, and some of them should reach Kubuntu + Backports PPA users, although it would take a little longer. The arrival of other systems will depend on the philosophy of the distribution and its development model.

Next month they will deliver us KDE Applications 21.04, which will be a major release with cool features. It will be the April 22, the same day that Kubuntu 21.04 will arrive, so they will not be included by default in Hirsute Hippo.

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