KDE Applications 20.12.2

As scheduled, the K He has launched today KDE Applications 20.12.2. It is the second maintenance version of this series, that is, the February edition that has arrived, above all, to correct and improve the apps released in December 2020. It was then that they added the new functions, such as one that I quite like that I am already using it in Manjaro and I hope it will come to Kubuntu + Backports soon: the ability to annotate from Spectacle.

As usual, KDE has published two posts about this release, one announcing it and one with the full list of changes. They also mention news in Calligra Plan 3.3 and the launch of Kongres 1.0, which is a conferencing companion application that enables users to organize their conference participation. As the list provided by KDE does not use the most pleasant language in the world, we are going to publish a unofficial changelog Nate Graham told us in his weekly “This week in KDE.”

Highlights of KDE Applications 20.12.2

  • Fixed a case where Elisa could fail to move to the next song.
  • Spectacle no longer secretly runs in the background if you cancel capturing a screenshot of a rectangular region using the global shortcut, which is Meta + Shift + PrintScreen by default.
  • Once again, Spectacle can take screenshots of rectangular regions in triple screen configurations.
  • Okular’s Open dialog defaults to “All Files” in its file type filter when running on non-Plasma desktops.
  • Dolphin now correctly reports the number of files present on other disks.
  • The “Add Network Folder” action is again visible in Dolphin for people using Frameworks 5.78 or later, although it is now on the toolbar instead of the view.
  • Disabling Konsole’s “Remember window size” feature now works again.
  • Dolphin’s “Copy File Path” action has changed its shortcut to Ctrl + Alt + C so as not to conflict with the “Copy” action in the embedded terminal panel, whose shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + C.
  • Spectacle now allows you to change the default screenshot file format when using a language other than English.
  • Elisa no longer crashes when queuing a song accessed using the file system browser view.
  • Adding radio stations in Elisa now works again.
  • Elisa’s “Show current track” button works again.
  • Dolphin now allows you to unzip multiple files at once through the context menu item, a first for Ark.

The launch is already official, soon in some distributions

The KDE Applications 20.12.2 Release it’s official, but at the moment it is only available in code form. It will appear in some Linux distributions soon, starting with KDE neon. Kubuntu + Backports will arrive in the next few days if the project believes that the set of apps is mature enough.