Join the #TeamCheco Challenge and support your favorite driver!

The excitement for Checo Pérez’s great debut with Red Bull Racing is so great that today we invite you to join the #TeamCheco Challenge, where you will show your passion for speed and all the support for the Mexican driver who will race this weekend in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

All you have to do is follow these steps, show your talent by creating Instagram Reels, Stories or videos on TikTok and show that you are part of #TeamCheco.

How does the #TeamCheco Challenge work?

1. You record yourself with your Telcel equipment as if you were driving. You can use a steering wheel, a plate or whatever object you have on hand.

2. Turn your camera to your right side suddenly to create a transition of motion.

3. Splice the old shot with a new one, where you change clothes or change people.

4. Do it again one more time.

5. Edit and add the effects you want. You can use the #TeamCheco stickers, sounds and all the possible tools of your favorite social networks.

If you decide to post on Instagram Reels or Stories …

Remember to be as creative as the platform allows, transitioning your turn with a new character or outfit. You should also use audio as if you were in a racing car, to give your video more realism and include Checo Pérez stickers (you can find them by searching for Team Checo). Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TeamCheco!

If you decide to post on TikTok …

The only limit is your creativity. In TikTok you can help yourself with the effects of the platform by rotating the camera and following the instructions above. Remember to always use the hashtag #TeamCheco and an audio of a race car that complements your creation.

Regardless of which social network you publish your video on, remember to share it on the rest of your social networks with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage. You can even send it to all your WhatsApp friends!

Many have already joined the #TeamCheco Challenge, only you are missing!

Are you ready to support Checo Pérez and live a weekend at full speed?

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