JBL noise-canceling over-ear headphones at the lowest price

More and more people are deciding to use over-the-ear headphones, either because they cannot stand in-Ear models, for comfort or simply for fashion. In any case, when we decide to buy headphones of this type there are three main characteristics to take into account, their comfort, weight and design, hours of autonomy and if they have a noise cancellation system that isolates us as much as possible. of the noise that surrounds us. Now, put all that together and also offer us good sound quality and at a good price, not always possible.

Lightweight with JBL Pure Bass sound

However, thanks to the offer we found on Amazon, it is now possible to get a JBL model of wireless over-ear headphones, with active noise cancellation, quite light and offering up to 15 hours of autonomy. All this at a discount price that you will surely not resist.

The model in question is the JBL T750BTNC, bluetooth headphones that offer great sound quality endorsed by Harman Kardon and that are very comfortable to wear, since they have a lightweight, foldable design and a headband that fits perfectly. Its weight is only 220 grams, so we can wear them for hours without realizing it.

Its design is totally ergonomic and its padded pads adapt perfectly to each user for great comfort and a perfect fit. A headset with a hands-free function and that allows a multipoint connection to be able to Pair with two bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, these JBL T750BTNC headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite music for up to 15 hours. Music without noise, thanks to the active noise cancellation system that this model has and endorsed by the world-renowned sound JBL Pure Bass.

The buttons that we find on the ear muffs allow us to control the music, manage the calls and even use the assistants to be able to request any help with our own voice.

Offer for JBL T750BTNC headphones

These complete JBL T750BTNC headphones have a recommended price of 129 euros on Amazon, however, the online shopping giant has applied a discount of more than 30% on this model. In this way, it is possible to get them at a final price of only 87.73 euros. A price that makes them one of the best value noise canceling over-ear headphones.

This means a saving of more than 40 euros in these headphones with noise cancellation, great sound quality and autonomy. A product that users subscribed to the Amazon Prime service can receive at home completely free of charge and that has an immediate delivery time, practically from one day to the next.

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