JBL Cinema SB260 soundbar on sale at an unbeatable discount

This is a model that has two elements to manage the reproductions and therefore we speak of a system 2.1. The one that attracts the most attention is the subwoofer, since this allows you to improve the user experience that you get at home, especially with everything that has to do with bass. An excellent detail of this accessory is that its communication with the main bar is done through wireless technology Bluetooth, which avoids having to put any cable through the installation … and surely for some this is something that is a completely differential purchase reason.

JBL Cinema SB260 Black Soundbar

The JBL Cinema SB260 on sale we are talking about offers a black finish that fits perfectly in virtually any setting. In addition, the dimensions offered by the product are not exorbitant as it shows that the main and elongated element is only 97 x 70 x 60 cm. Therefore, you can fit it under the TV that you have in the living room without the slightest problem, and you should know that the remote control that is included in this product does not interfere at all with the one you usually use with the Smart TV.

A sound that stands out for its power

In most cases, when you buy a sound bar, what you are looking for is to increase the power with which you enjoy movies and series, since TVs in general barely reach 30 W. The fact is that this set is able to reach 220 watts, an appointment of the most important and in which the one hundred and sixteen of the subwoofer stand out, which is all life insurance when it comes to getting the most out of it. By the way, this device offers compatibility with different technologies so that the realism of the reproductions is the best possible, such as Dolby Digital. In short, we are talking about a complete accessory.

JBL Cinema SB260 Soundbar Finish

Get the JBL Cinema SB260 on sale

At this time without having to leave home you can get the product that we are talking about with a 20% discount, so you only have to pay 159.99 euros to have it at home … and without adding anything in terms of shipping costs (an option that is available for a limited time). We leave you the link that you have to take advantage of not to miss this opportunity and get yourself a very good quality sound bar that will surely allow you to go one step further when it comes to achieving what has long been known as Home Cinema.

Before concluding we believe it is important to comment that in the connectivity section you will not have any problem with this JBL Cinema SB260, since apart from offering an option wireless As we have indicated before -which allows the sending of content from phones and laptops- you will also find sound input optics, which ensures excellent compatibility, and also has a port HDMI ARC and 4K compatible. Without a doubt, an accessory of very good workmanship.

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