JBL Bluetooth Headphones on Sale Now at Your Biggest Discount

The accessory we are talking about is one that is considered neck type, since there is a connecting cable between the two sound elements that is placed in this place of the body to ensure good stability and, also, that they are not lost in the if you are using them. It should be noted that an option is also included magnetic So that the closure when hanging this product is simple and efficient, so the usability offered by these JBL TUNE 115BT we believe is quite good and is accompanied by a very careful ergonomics, since it does not lack adjustment silicone tips and a weight of only 19 grams.

JBL TUNE 115BT Blue Headphones

Something that is important to know about this model is that, despite being an economic model, it does not lack that much microphone to answer calls that come to the phone with which they are paired. And, in addition, it also includes a useful remote control in which different buttons are incorporated that allow to control the reproductions in a simple and comfortable way. An example of what we say is that you can go from playing a music track to modifying the volume with which you enjoy the reproductions without having to touch your smartphone, tablet or computer at all.

Buy these JBL Bluetooth on sale

Right now there is a good possibility to save a good amount when buying the JBL TUNE 115BT. In the eBay store there is a discount that reaches the 37% than you would normally have to pay to have them at home. This allows you to only have to pay 24.95 euros, to which you have to add € 1.99 for shipping costs, an amount that is not high at all. Finished in plastic and color blue, we leave you the link that you have to use so as not to waste the promotion we are talking about and that allows you to get wireless helmets that have good quality and an interesting design.

Important details of this accessory

One of the highlights in this model is that its autonomy is more than what you can look for in a wireless device. Usage time with a full charge reaches eight hours, which is quite good considering the reduced dimensions of the accessory and the aforementioned low weight. Besides, this is a product that has fast charge and that allows in just 15 minutes to get enough energy to be able to enjoy the reproductions for at least an hour. Come on, it meets perfectly.

JBL TUNE 115BT remote control

In what has to do with the sound quality, it is compliant, without being exceptional as it is logical to think. In any case, it must be indicated that it is capable of managing frequencies ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz, so the definition is quite correct and its drivers are enough to offer bass that is not particularly bad, but that is not emphatic. The fact is that for the price that these JBL Bluetooth headphones have on offer, they are quite worth considering.

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