It’s official! The Tigers will have a new state-of-the-art stadium

The dream of the Tigers is coming true, as the team’s new stadium was officially announced. A project commanded by the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, by Mauricio Culebro, president of Tigres, by Dr. Santos Garza, Reactor of the UANL and by Mauricio Dohener, Cemex-Sinergia Deportiva liaison.

“Today Tigres is internationally recognized and we always go for more. Of course we deserve a new stadium, it will be the venue for this new stage. Today, Tigres is not only a benchmark in Mexican soccer, but also internationally, the University Stadium has given greatness to Club Tigres and all the fans, we will honor that forever”, the manager pointed out.

The dream begins to come true, the new stadium of the Tigers!

The new Volcano, as the Tigres stadium is colloquially known, will have a capacity of 65,000 fans, unlike the 41,000 that enter the current venue. In addition, the building will be designed for mixed uses and can host NFL games, concerts and athletics competitions.

It is estimated that the project will take approximately three years to build, with a grand opening in 2025 in mind. Best of all, it will generate approximately four thousand jobs in construction and a total of 320 million dollars will be invested in the initiative.

New stadium for the Tigres, with a budget of 320 million dollars.- Blog Hola Telcel

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What will be the technology that will be integrated into the new stadium of the Tigers?

The new stadium will not only serve as a sports complex, but will also form a structure with classrooms for the university, a hotel with a view of the field, shops, a convention center, restaurants and multidisciplinary rooms for different companies and tourists who wish to visit the venue.

In addition to the above, the stadium has the objective of ecological and environmental sustainability, seeking to obtain the international LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). With this, it will be possible to attract top-notch events, such as NFL games and international concerts!

The new Tigres stadium in Nuevo León is designed to host NFL games and international concerts.- Blog Hola Telcel

Another of the big players involved in the project is the company Populous, who worked on the construction of the Tottenham stadium. These same ones will be in charge of implementing state-of-the-art technology, including a retractable turf and exclusive dressing rooms for the women’s team, being one of the first stadiums in the world to be inclusive.

In addition, the new Volcano will be equipped with a silent camera for autistic and disabled people who need to see the shows without noise.

“It is a stadium prepared to have all sports, this stadium will be the postcard of Nuevo León”

Presentation of the new Tigres stadium, with Samuel García, Governor of Nuevo León.- Blog Hola Telcel

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The stadium could be considered as a venue for the 2026 World Cup, as long as it is ready in time. It will be a venue that puts sport on high, in which many people will be able to enjoy the #FootballInYourHands like never before. So, if you want to know more about the progress of this project, the new home of the Tigres sponsored by Telcel, don’t miss out on all the details that we will be sharing with you here.

“We are going for the Cup, we are going for a new stadium and we are going for a new Nuevo León”.

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