Italy fines Apple for lying about water resistance of iPhones


The Italian AGCM denounced that there are incorrect commercial practices on the part of the Cupertino company

Manzana has become one of the tech giants most important worldwide. Their devices are among the most anticipated and sold in the year.

However, the Cupertino company faces a new controversy since the Italian authorities have imposed a fine on him for lying about the waterproof of the iPhone.

According to the first reports, the Guarantor Authority for Competition and the Market of Italy (AGCM) considers that the company incurs in misleading advertising by not specifying various aspects of the alleged waterproof from their phones.


Through a statement the specific authority specified that Manzana has incorrect business practices by using promotional messages that are not correct.

The AGCM would have imposed a fine of 10 million euros, more than 240 million 655 thousand pesos, to the Cupertino company.

According to the statement, the company announced as water resistant various models of the iPhone, including the 8, 8 Plus, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Manzana It would have detailed that the models could remain underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth between one and four meters.

What are they complaining about the water resistance of the iPhone?

AGCM stressed that the technology giant never specified that the waterproof only occurred under certain conditions, since only iPhone it had been tested in still and pure water.

Apple italy

Therefore, submerging any of these devices in running or dirty water can damage the cell phone.

In this sense, the Italian authority pointed out that contradictorily the guarantee of Manzana it does not cover damage caused by liquids. In addition, technical assistance was not provided when the models suffered damage when wet.

«Given the emphatic publicity boast of water resistance. It was considered adequate to deceive consumers by not clarifying what type of guarantee it was referring to (conventional or legal guarantee) »

With the fine, AGCM obliges Apple Distribution International and Apple Italia to have to publish the sanction on their website.

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