Is the French version of ‘We Nobles’ better than the original movie?

If you are a fan of Netflix And for nothing in the world do you miss each new premiere, then you will have realized that a new movie has arrived on the platform. It’s about the French comedy Rich and spoiled which so far ranks second in popularity on Netflix and is the exact dose of comedy you may have been looking for. But Did you know that it is a remake from We the noble?

Luis Gerardo Méndez as Javi Noble in Nosotros los nobles, inspiration for the Ricos y malcriados remake - Hello Telcel blog

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Rich and spoiled is the new french version of We the noble, the successful Mexican film released in 2013, directed by Gary alazraki and starring Karla Souza, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Gonzalo Vega and Juan Pablo Gil. It tells the story of Barbie, Javi and Charlie, three rich brothers who must learn to live in the real world after their father makes them believe that they have lost all their money and riches.

Rich and spoiled, the new Netflix movie that is in trend and that is a remake of Nosotros los nobles - Blog Hola Telcel

The success of We the noble on an international level

Nine years ago, We the noble It showed that Mexican cinema has all the tools to create incredible comic films with a great story. In addition, the message in it was clear: life is not that easy and you have to work hard to get ahead. For that and many other reasons it arose Rich and spoiled, totally inspired by Mexican production.

Javi, Charlie and Barbie in Nosotros los nobles, a film and Mexican success that inspired a French version, Ricos y malcriados - Blog Hola Telcel

Directed by Nicholas cuche and starring Camille Lou, Louka Meliava, Artus and Gérard Jugnot, Rich and spoiled tells the exact same story: Francis Bartek, a millionaire father, believes his children are on the wrong track, leading a life focused on luxury with zero responsibilities. So he carries out a master plan to help them by making them believe that due to fraud they have lost everything. But like in the original movie, everything starts to spiral out of control.

Rich and spoiled tells the same story of Nosotros los nobles, three brothers who have to learn about life.- Blog Hola Telcel

It is Rich and spoiled better than We the noble?

Definitely not. However, it is a funny story with incredible scenes between the brothers and their father, not to mention that when it takes place in Monaco it presents quite a few interesting differences. Works perfectly like remake, but it only praises the success of We the noble being an almost exact copy of one of the highest grossing films in Mexican cinema.

At least this is the opinion of many who have already seen it. But there is nothing better than drawing your own conclusions and enjoying it at the include Netflix in your current Telcel Plan or to sign up for a Max Play Plan with Netflix. Or, take advantage of the fact that in Clear video is it availabe We the noble (for purchase or rent) and reaffirms that it is one of the best Mexican comedies of all time with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the greatest Coverage and Speed.

Karla Souza as Barbie Noble in We the Nobles of 2013.- Blog Hola Telcel

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Worth seeing Rich and spoiled? Yes! Especially if comedy is your thing and you love Mexican movies, because you will be able to know this same story, but in a European context. So enjoy it and then tell us what you think about it. 😄

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