Is it better to have the laptop connected all the time or use the battery?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the operation of a laptop is whether it is better to have it connected all day or use its battery

In recent years, the use of laptop. With the Home Office, these devices have become indispensable for the fulfillment of work, school and personal tasks.

However, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether to keep connected all the time or you better use your drums and then plug it into the power.

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These types of questions have to do with how to prolong the battery life and prevent its performance from being impaired.

Experts have pointed out that all devices wear out with time and use. However there are certain actions that can influence your performance. According to experts consulted by BBC Mundo, these are the best actions to take care of the drums of the laptop.

According to professionals, “laptops usually have a life time of between three to five years, in which they can complete between 500 and a thousand charge cycles.”

Should laptops be kept 100% charged or should they be connected and disconnected according to their power level?

Ashley Rolfe, Head of Technology for Lenovo in Ireland and the UK, stressed that it is safe and normal for a laptop to remain all the time connectedas the devices have sensors to prevent the battery from overcharging.

However, keeping it at 100% all the time can slightly reduce its lifespan.

“With the highest energy density chemistry adopted in recent years. We have found that batteries degrade much faster if they are kept fully charged, especially at higher temperatures, “explained Phil Jakes, director of Strategic Technology and principal engineer at Lenovo.

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For his part, Kent Griffith, from Northwestern University, pointed out that it is not advisable to maintain a connected laptop all the time. Since this is when the battery voltage is highest.

In this sense, he detailed that being in a high state of charge, any additional tension can cause the drums lose its shelf life. So the most advisable thing is that it is not 100% of the stack.

Experts recommend charging devices to 80%. And in this way limit the amount of time the device remains on a full charge.

“Technically, batteries are more ‘happy’ at 50% charge, while they are under higher voltage at 0% or 100%. So the technicians say it is best to keep them between 20 and 80%, ”says Rolfe.

Several brands, such as Microsoft, Lenovo, and HP recommend that their users keep the batteries at 80% and limit the maximum amount of charge in the battery. laptop in your settings.

In conclusion, experts recommend keeping the battery below 80% to increase its useful life. Although it ensures that there is no risk of overheating if it is kept connected.

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