Irresistible reduction in Gearbest for the Xiaomi Redmibook 16 laptop

Needless to say, the great quality and price ratio offered by most of the products in the Xiaomi catalog, so the simple fact of choosing one of the Asian manufacturer’s models is already a good choice. However, if we can get it at a hefty discount, then it becomes much more attractive.

Powerful laptop at a great price

And this is precisely what is happening at the moment with the Xiaomi RedmiBook 16 laptop, a computer that, as its name suggests, has a 16.1 inch screen with Full HD resolution, a 178 degree viewing angle and 100% sRGB. The model on sale is available in two different configurations, one with a processor AMD Ryzen 7 and another with AMD Ryzen 5. In both cases, it is accompanied by 16 GB RAM memory Y 512GB SSD.

In both cases we are talking about a configuration that will offer us great performance, everything will depend on how demanding we are or the type of applications that we are going to run on the laptop.

redmibook 16 front

Its configuration is completed with an integrated AMD Radeon Graphics card and a complete section of connectivity with HDMI, USB type C video output, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, USB 3.1 and a 3.5 mm microphone and headphone jack.

This Xiaomi Redmibook 16 has a body with a mixture of metal and plastic, it has dimensions of 36.7 x 23.28 x 1.75 cm and a weight of 1.8 kilograms. Its battery is capable of providing an autonomy of up to 12 hours of local video playback or 9 hours of streaming video or web browsing.

Offer for the Xiaomi Redmibook 16 in two configurations

The official price for the Xiaomi Redmibook 16 with processor AMD Ryzen 5, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD is 901.32 euros, but now it has a 25% discount on Gearbest. In this way, its final sale price is 676 euros, which represents a saving of 225 euros.

redmibook 16 side

For its part, the configuration with processor AMD Ryzen 7, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD has an official price of 950 euros. In this case, the discount applied is 20%, which represents a reduction of 190 euros and that the final price is set at 760.50 euros.

In both cases the shipping costs are free for shipments to our country with a delivery time of between 7 and 35 working days.

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