IRobot Roomba 966 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a 50% discount

Now, from spending between 100 and 200 euros to spending 800 euros or even more, which some models are worth, there is a lot of difference. And is that not everyone can afford to buy a robot vacuum cleaner at this price. However, things change when we find an offer like the one shown below, and now we can buy one of those almost inaccessible models at a price of scandal.

Robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 966 with 50% discount

Its about iRobot Roomba 966, a robot vacuum cleaner with incredible suction power, WiFi connectivity, two multi-surface anti-tangle rubber brushes optimal for pet hair, personalized suggestions and compatible with voice assistants at half the price. A model whose official price is 799 euros and that we can get at a price of only 399 euros.

Roomba 966 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Undoubtedly, it is a great opportunity to get a robot vacuum cleaner with the benefits and guarantees of this Roomba 966. Of course, you must hurry, since offer is for a limited time on Amazon. Specifically, the online shopping giant indicates on the product file that the offer ends in 1 day.

It is a product sold sent by Amazon with a delivery period of one week and on which the online shopping giant offers its financing service without interest. Therefore, we can pay for the Roomba 966 in four installments of 99.75 euros without having to pay more for the robot vacuum cleaner.

Great suction power and superior navigation

This iRobot model is one of the most desired worldwide, and it has a great suction power which makes it offer incredible cleaning results. In addition, it has a cleaning system that lifts dirt, debris and pet hair from any corner of the house to leave no trace.

Robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 966 navigation

In addition, one of the characteristics of this model is that it is able to learn from our routines to later suggest the best times for cleaning our home. It is even capable of suggest cleaning additional in times of allergy or when our pets are shedding.

Another feature to highlight of this Roomba 966 is its smart navigation and the ability to map our home. This robot maps the entire surface of our home and draws a map to navigate in orderly rows and thus perform a much more efficient cleaning. In the event that it runs out of battery during the tour, it is able to return to the base and once recharged, continue where it left off.

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