IPhone sold with a piece of a Steve Jobs sweater

Exclusive iPhone

Company launches a deluxe version that features gold inlay and unique details

Caviar surprised his followers by launching his deluxe version of the iPhone 12. One of the great novelties is that in addition to including gold inlays, it has a piece a sweater from Steve Jobs.

The Russian company that sells exclusive devices pointed out that it launched this equipment for the anniversary of the fourth generation of the mythical smartphone.


The piece of the garment is included in the logo of the Cupertino company, in addition each model is adorned with the autograph of the co-founder of the company on the bottom of its reverse.

This device is available in four models: Jobs 4 Black, Jobs 4 White, Jobs 4 Gold and Jobs 1ST. Each model has a triple camera and they are available with three storage size options: 128, 256 and 512 GB.

  1. Jobs 4 Black: Made from durable blackened titanium. Base price is $ 6,490.
  2. Jobs 4 White: Its back is covered with jewelry enamel and the Apple logo is made of 925 sterling silver. Its price ranges between 7,060 and 8,290 dollars.
  3. Jobs 4 Gold: The logo made from 750 gold. This is the most expensive model in the collection, “a tribute and the ‘luxurious’ look of Caviar to the legendary line of designs.” It costs between $ 8,910 and $ 9,450.
  4. Jobs 1ST ($ 7,030—8,260): It is designed differently from all previous models: most of it is white and a minor portion is black.

Steve Jobs

This year the Iphone 4 celebrates its tenth birthday, it is the latest model released by Steve Jobs. The co-founder of Manzana Traditionally, he wore the same style of clothing at presentations and conferences: jeans, New Balance sneakers, and a black turtleneck sweater.

Caviar He pointed out that those interested should hurry with their orders since only ten pieces will be launched, making it a limited edition.

In addition to the exclusive iPhone, the Russian company also presented its New Balance 991 sneakers, decorated with titanium inserts with the famous Jobs slogan ‘Think Different’ and a fragment of his authentic turtleneck.

tennis jobs

“New Balance shoes have become a hallmark of Steve Jobs’ unique style, who in total wore four shoe versions: 990, 991, 992, 993. Caviar included the 991 in the collection, as it was the one that I used more “

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