IPhone releases new emojis! Meet the incredible designs

The new iOS 14.5, recently presented by Manzana, it will be one of the most comprehensive updates to the operating system of all iPhone. Its novelties include important changes; a battery pack, shortcuts and a new menu, as well as a new collection of emojis with combinations and customization options.

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All users of iPhone they will be able to count on new and fun emojis, without having to wait for the arrival of iOS 15 in September, since they will be part of the iOS 14.5 which will arrive in a matter of weeks.

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New emojis come to iPhone with iOS 14.5

As usual, emojis already consolidated they will not undergo changes, more than one or another improvement in their design. However, some customization options will be added, towards a more inclusive and diverse model. For example, you can choose different skin tones, beard, mustache and hair length.

Another of the main novelties of the emojis is that they will represent many more couples and family types. Either shaking hands, united by a heart or giving each other a hug. The idea is that each user can identify with one of these emojis and share them with all your contacts.

New collection of emojis iOS 14.5 Iphone

In addition to the custom pairs, four new ones will also arrive emojis. These represent the current situation in the world. The first one is a syringe or vaccine, another is a heart on fire and, the funniest, a face with spiraling eyes.

Four new emojis arrive in iOS 14.5, iPhone, vaccine, heart

More news in iOS 14.5

Along with the new collection of emojisNew features will also come to iPhones, including improvements in phone security and privacy, with user activity tracking permissions in apps.

On the other hand, there will be a new default music player, which will work through gestures to activate functions. In addition, a new facial identification format will be enabled or Face ID which will work even if users wear a mask.

Woman face mask mask

To have this new update it is only a matter of waiting a few days and automatically the iOS 14.5 to all devices iPhone. So, if you want to enjoy their news, including the new emojis, on the Telcel Online Store you find the new ones iPhone 12 Y iPhone 12 Pro, with the most incredible technology. Acquire them right now if you want to renew your equipment and enjoy the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Maybe it’s time to renew your emoji favorite with the arrival of new designs. Do not stop being aware of Hello Telcel if you want to know more surprises of the iOS 14.5 that is coming. 😉

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