iPhone 13 will be more expensive in Brazil


Apple announced the prices of the iPhone 13, with Brazil being one of the places where it will be more expensive to get the equipment

Last Tuesday, September 14 Manzana officially presented its iPhone 13. The company presented its devices with confirmed prices in the United States.

However, the prices They are not the same for all countries, depending on the region it tends to see some small variations and on some occasions it tends to affect the pockets of users.

There are some territories where the iPhone 13 it will arrive more expensive than what was presented in the United States. This time Brazil it turned out to be the most affected country.

iPhone 13

According to a report from Nukeni, Brazil will have the iPhone most expensive in the world. According to the data presented, the equipment in its 128 GB version will cost the equivalent of $ 1,446 (799 in the United States).

While the 512GB version will be priced at $ 2,017 ($ 1,099 in the United States). A similar situation is seen with the iPhone 13 mini where the 128 GB version will have a price in the United States of $ 699 in Brazil it will reach $ 1,256.

However Turkey is the most expensive place to get the iPhone 13 mini of greater capacity.

Brazil It also has higher prices in the high-end of the iPhone 13. The Pro will be priced at $ 1,808 for the 128GB version ($ 999 in the US). While the 1 TB will be sold for $ 2,760 (1,499 in the United States).

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The iPhone 13 Pro Max It also suffers a price increase, the 512 GB will cost 1,998 dollars in Brazil versus 1,399 in its country of origin. And the most expensive 1TB edition, which is priced at $ 1,599 in the United States, will sell for $ 2,950 in Brazil.

According to the data shown by Nukeni, Mexico has not been so affected by the changes, since they present prices very similar to those presented in the United States.

There are even versions that are cheaper than countries like Germany or France. However, Hong Kong is the territory that most closely resembles the original prices delivered by Apple.

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