iPhone 13 | TSMC is already producing Apple’s ‘A15’ chips

Apple A15 chips

DigiTimes revealed that TSMC is already working on the ‘A15’ chips, which will be used in the iPhone 13

Despite the shortage of accessories for the technology globally, it was revealed that Manzana the production of his iPhone 13, with the development of ‘A15’ Bionic chips.

DigiTimes revealed that supplier TSMC is already working to supply the Cupertino company of the elements necessary for the creation of your new devices.


“These chips would be the direct heirs of the A14, present in the iPhone 12, and would serve as the basis of a future ‘M2’ chip that would replace the M1 chip in all general-purpose Macs that are sold at the moment”

Although there would be no improvement in the size of the chips ‘A15’, if they would present a better performance and energy efficiency superior to the previous chip.

The idea of Manzana it would be moving to 4nm next year, with the ‘A16’ chips. Although there is nothing confirmed, it is expected that the new range of iPhone it also comes in four models.

According to some rumors, with the use of the chips ‘A15’, the Cupertino company It could incorporate a new type of LTPO screen that will allow it to incorporate the long-awaited frequency of 120 Hz, in addition to having the always-on screen format.


But the screen improvements would not reach all models, since they would be focused on the Pro and Pro Max line. It is also expected that, for the first time, a iPhone with up to 1 TB of storage.

DigiTimes details that Manzana has purchased a total of 169 million screens for the new iPhone. This order is much higher than the one made last year where only 114.5 million panels were purchased.

If there is no delay, the iPhone 13 they could arrive at the end of September. Ming-Chi Kuo says there will be no delay this year.

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