iOS unveils support for high-fidelity Dolby sound in Apple Music

MADRID, May 3 (2021) –

Apple prepares the arrival of support for Hi-Fi sound and Dolby Audio certification on its Apple Music streaming platform, as revealed by the company through the code of its iOS mobile operating system.

In the first version iOS 14.6 beta, recently released to developers, the Apple Music app has introduced code that references the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio certifications for sound, as well as “lossless” quality, collected by 9to5Mac.

Apple Music already supports its own hi-fi sound system, ALAC, but so far Apple’s service prioritize AAC codec with 256 kbps and it has never been compatible with sound with Dolby Atmos or Audio certifications.

The use of these technologies allows the reproduction of content with less compression, providing higher fidelity sound with more quality and detail than current systems.

In this way, Apple Music follows the trend of the rival music streaming service. Spotify, which in February already included in its subscriptions “CD quality” sound.

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