Instagram will require its users to share their date of birth


For security reasons, Instagram reported that it will not allow the accounts to be used if users do not specify their date of birth

Instagram It has become one of the most popular applications worldwide. The platform surprised by announcing that all its users must share their date of birth.

According to the company, to increase the safety of users, it is necessary to establish their date of birth.


Instagram He explained that in this way he will ensure that people have the appropriate information corresponding to their age. The company guaranteed that the date will not be made public and that it will remain private.

“Ensuring that we provide the right experiences for the right age group”

What will happen to users who do not want to share this information?

The platform highlighted that it will ask users for their date of birth when they open Instagram. In case the user does not enter this data, they will receive several pop-up notifications where they will be asked to share their information if they want to safely use their account.

“At some point, users must submit their date of birth to continue using the application”

In addition there will be some publications that are possible, since they indicate that the content is not suitable for minors, so to see them you will have to add the age.

These changes will only affect those users who have not previously shared their date of birth.

Instagram date birthday

Instagram He explained that he is aware that some people could share false information, so he is already working on tools to avoid these cases.

Would be using artificial intelligence that would let them know if users are lying about their date of birth, for example if they have been congratulated on their birthday.

If you have questions about a user, you will be asked for additional methods to confirm their age.

“In the future, if someone tells us they are over a certain age and our technology tells us otherwise, we will show them a menu of options to verify their age. This work is still in the early stages and we hope to share more soon “

The company explained that this new standard is part of its efforts to offer better tools for protect minors.

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