Instagram will now allow you to choose what you want to see

Instagram presented its new function that allows you to define ‘favorite’ content, with which we can choose what we prefer to see first.

New Instagram favorites feature - Blog Hola Telcel

When opening our app of Instagram we love to see in our feed photos of our friends, publications of pages that interest us or the history of our crush, but when this does not happen, scrolling it is a single option.

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In the current version of the application, we do not have the option of choosing what we want to see and it is the company’s algorithms that decide, based on a variety of factors, what may interest us.

Now Instagram is testing a function that will allow us to order what we want to see first in our feed.

Instagram launches a new function to see only what we want - Blog Hola Telcel

What will the new Instagram ‘favorites’ tool consist of?

This new feature in development will allow you to customize what you see on your feed, taking into account your interests and priorities.

You will be able to choose the users whose publications you prefer to see first or that interest you the most. These users will become your “favorites” through this new tool.

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And don’t worry about letting others know if you chose them, as the tool won’t notify your contacts when you add them as ‘favorites’. So you can stalk calmly to you crush without you knowing.

Get to know the new Instagram function to see only what interests you - Blog Hola Telcel

What will happen to the ones that are not my favorites?

As we have already explained, we can choose the users that interest us the most to give them higher priority, although this does not mean that we will only see ‘favorites’ publications. The rest of the users will continue to appear, but more sporadically.

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When will we have this option?

All the details of this functionality have not yet been revealed, as Instagram has not made the official announcement. However, we know that it is in development thanks to users who have used it as part of a test program.

So we can only wait for this new tool to reach our hands. What do you think? Would you like to have more control over what you see on this highly visual social network?

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