Instagram will notify you if its service goes down


After the fall of more than 6 hours of the social networks of Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram announced that it will warn its users about possible failures of its service

Last week the social networks from Mark Zuckerberg suffered a worldwide fall For more than six hours, users experienced one of the most chaotic moments.

That is why Instagram announced a new function that will warn to people if the platform has failures. In this way, users will know if the service presents problems that affect the functioning of the social network.

At the moment this tool is in the testing phase in the United States, in this way some users are already experiencing the function that will warn you if the service falls.

This tool is expected to be developed for several months before it is released globally. Although it is believed that in the near future, Instagram You can now share reliable information about problems on your platform.

Instagram will notify you if its service goes down

With this new feature, Instagram hopes that users have reliable data, so that they are not guided by false information that circulates in other social networks.

In this way users will no longer have to access Twitter to know what happens with the platform.

This function will also warn about the measures that can be taken in the event of a problem. Reports detail that the company will not send an alert every time there is a drop in service.

Problem notifications will be displayed within the application itself. But it is unknown how it will be distributed in the event of a general fall like the one on October 4.

In this sense, it was detailed that the “notification will only be visible when the platform considers that people are confused and looking for answers.”

Instagram It also announced the ‘Account Status’ function which will inform the user when their account is at risk of being disabled due to the profile activity violating the rules and policies of use of the service.

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