Instagram will integrate new timers to stories

Instagram It is one of the applications and social networks that has had the most changes and innovations in recent years. Thanks to this, it has become one of the favorites and popular all over the world. However, their updates are not yet complete and it is believed that new timers will be added shortly in the Instagram Stories.

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Instagram profile stories
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The timers are being tested, but here we tell you all the details so that you can continue enjoying your favorite social networks in an unlimited way thanks to your Unlimited Friend of Telcel and #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

What will be the purpose of timers on Instagram?

This new tool, which Instagram has already put to the test, aims to encourage users to interact more with the Instagram Stories of their friends. It will also serve to know the exact time that remains of a story and to be able to see it before the 24 hours of validity end.

24 hour clock timer

Timer in Stories

The timer will be added just below the bubbles of the Instagram Stories on the main page; where it will be indicated how much time remains of each story. But, being a completely new tool, there are still many doubts about its operation. One of them is about what time the timer will show when a user shares more than one story on the same day.

Instagram Stories new timers
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Maybe Instagram show the time of the content that is closest to expiring, keeping in mind that what you are looking for is to interact more with the stories.

On the other hand, by not showing the stories chronologically, but by the type of interaction between users thanks to the platform’s algorithm; the timer may change this format upon arrival. However, none of this will be confirmed until Instagram shows more details of its new feature.

Instagram stories

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For now it remains to wait for more information to be revealed; so don’t miss out on Hello Telcel and share with us, What do you think of the new Instagram timers?

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