Instagram will eliminate the “swipe up”, one of its most popular tools


One of the most popular functions is the “swipe up”, however Instagram would have made the decision to eliminate its famous “swipe up”

Instagram has become one of the most popular applications, much of its success is due to different functions. However, one of its most popular tools would be about to disappear.

Its about “swipe up“Or” swipe up, “which allows you to access a link by simply sliding your finger up.

However, users and companies will still be able to invite their followers to visit some content outside the platform such as a website, video, online store, etc.


The function that was generated with the “swipe up”Will now be provided by a sticker. Instagram pointed out that this way users will have a better experience when viewing the stories.

“These stickers will work the same way a slider does, except with a tap instead of a swipe.”

In addition, the company explained that in this way the creators will have a greater creative. Since the stickers they can be edited as it works with surveys, questions, and location stickers.

In this way you can change the size of the sticker and place it anywhere in the story to achieve better participation.

“Viewers will now be able to react and respond to posts that have the link tag attached, just like any other story.”


In accordance with Instagram the “swipe up”Could disappear as of August 30. At the moment the stickers to generate links will remain exclusive for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, or verified.

“The stickers that will replace the swipe up began to be tested in June of this year for a select group of users”

So far it is unknown when the use of these could be expanded stickers in the Instagram Stories for more users.

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