Instagram will allow ‘states’ with emojis like those of MSN Messenger

Instagram continues to evolve and in recent years has gone from being a social network for sharing photos and videos to an instant messaging application belonging to the metaverse of Facebook. However, it is far from finished with its updates and recently one has been revealed that you will love.

Turns out that Instagram will include within the profiles of the users of the app the possibility of sharing ‘states’ with text and emojis, The same as the ones that were used to MSN Messenger years ago, do you remember them?

Instagram is inspired by the states of MSN Messenger to create its own - Blog Hola Telcel

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Instagram and its new ‘statuses’ inspired by MSN Messenger

This is a new feature that is not yet available to all users, but it is known that it has already started to be tested in various parts of the world. Its objective is to share or give a small notice about what we are doing, what we like or what we think through text and emojis. They are ‘states’ within the profile that will only be available for 24 hours and in which they can be entered up to 32 letters or emoticons.

These new ‘statuses’ on Instagram can only be seen by those people who follow you through the social network and that you follow them too. This way you can control what you share and it will be a safe and private function.

This is how the new Instagram statuses will look like those of MSN Messenger - Hello Telcel blog
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This will be a really useful tool to indicate if you are working, busy, traveling or in a new project, especially if you have Instagram profiles dedicated to your work, business or art. In addition, its operation will be very easy and intuitive, since according to the photos that have been filtered, a new button will be added. ‘+ Define state’ that will allow you to add the text or emojis you want.

Up to 32 letters or emojis can be added to the new Instagram statuses - Hello Telcel Blog

On the other hand, your followers will not only be able to see your ‘statuses’, but they will also be able to reply to them and the replies will be sent as private messages to start a new conversation.

When will the new ‘statuses’ of the platform be available?

So far it is unknown when the new ‘states’ of Instagram will officially reach the app, but it is believed that it will happen very soon, as the function is already active in different users selected at random. So, if you want to be one of the first to receive it, remember to update Instagram through Google play or App Store.

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The classic MSN Messenger will be back on Instagram - Blog Hola Telcel

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Did the new Instagram ‘statuses’ also remind you of the early years of MSN Messenger? Expect them very soon and discover what you would like to share in them! 😊

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