Instagram: Now you can publish from your computer and more functions!

One of the most popular requests for Instagram was the possibility of publishing from the computer, and it has finally become a reality that you can now enjoy! In addition, the app launched a series of novelties that nobody saw coming and which can greatly influence the way of interacting with the content of the platform.

How to post from your computer on Instagram?

Instagram announced that starting this Thursday, October 21, all users will be able to publish from the desktop version.

Publishing from your computer is just as simple as in the app. Once you log in, you will find the same icon with the ‘+’ sign to create a new post at the top right.

Instagram announced new functions such as publishing from the desktop version - Blog Hola Telcel

Once you select it, it will let you choose a video or image from the files saved on your computer and later it will provide you with the same editing tools and filters as in the mobile application. The only difference is that the options ‘Story’, ‘Reel’ and ‘Live’ will not be available at the moment in the desktop version of Instagram.

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Other news on Instagram: ‘Collabs’ and ‘Fundraising’

Two other new functions will also come to the app belonging to Facebook. One of them is ‘Collabs’, a tool that will allow you to create a publication in a collaborative way. Now, when tagging a person in a publication, you can choose the option ‘Collabs’ so that another user, with whom you share credits of the post, you can edit the content and you can also post it on your own account. Once you make the invitation, the other user must accept it.

Instagram Collabs is one of the new features of the app - Blog Hola Telcel

The third feature that Instagram announced was ‘Fundraising’. With it, when making a publication you can select this function and raise funds.

These last two options are not yet available to all users because they are still in a trial period.

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For now, the novelty is being able to publish from your computer, but very soon you will be able to access the other new Instagram functions that we discuss here, both in the mobile and desktop versions. Stay up to date with HolaTelcel and tell us what other news would you like to see in the app?

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