Instagram Live will allow live broadcasts with only the audio


Now Instagram Live users will have the option to turn off the camera during broadcasts and have only the audio

With the Clubhouse’s popularity, more and more platforms who have decided to bet on audio. Such is the case of Instagram Live that will turn off the camera.

Some days ago Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of measures to boost listening-only functions, now it has been revealed that it will be possible to perform live broadcasts just with the audio.

In addition, this new function can also work in an inverse way, that is, people can also choose to mute your audio and do broadcasts only from video.


The ability to mute the microphone or turn off the camera can be configured only for the account user. According to Instagram this would give hosts more flexibility during their streaming experiences.

It was revealed that hosts will not be able to turn video on or off or mute others on the live broadcast, although the social network is working to offer it.

The function for Instagram Live it will only be for broadcasts and not for conversations like in the Clubhouse. A person will not be able to join live and start speaking by using their voice.

TechCrunch revealed that the new features of Instagram Live They will begin to be implemented in the coming days globally on both iOS and Android.

Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Telegram and also LinkedIn have plans to add live audio to their platforms.

How to activate Instagram Live with audio only?

Enter to Instagram and hit the button to create new content. On the content creation screen, in the row of sections, you have to enter the Direct option.


This will take you directly to the screen to start it, and you must press the central button to start the live, or use one of the available modes.

Instagram it will test your connection for a few seconds, and then it will simply start the live from your mobile. Once you have started the live, you simply have to click on the camera icon to deactivate it.

When you click on the camera icon, it will be deactivated, and the live will continue to broadcast only the audio.

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