Instagram Launches Tools to Measure Live Streams and Reels

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New Instagram Update Gives Content Creators New Tools To Measure Video Success

Instagram is one of the tools most used by content creators. That is why the company has launched new functions to measure the success of live broadcasts Y Reels.

According to the company these two sections of video They have been very popular in the last few months, so they want to know the scope of it.

“Based on feedback from creators and businesses, today we released insights for Reels and Live. We were inspired by the way the community has embraced these formats. And we want to make sure creators and businesses understand the performance of their content. “


These new options provide your users with more information about the performance of their publications.

“We love seeing the creativity and authenticity of our community in sections like Reels and on live broadcasts. With the launch of Metrics for these two formats, creators will have more transparency about their performance and tools to reach new audiences ”, highlighted Gonzalo Arauz, director of Strategic Alliances of Instagram for Latin America.

With these new tools on Reels, users will be able to access the metrics on the number of reproductions, accounts reached, number of “likes”, comments, saved and shared publications.

While in the live broadcasts from Instagram you can know data of the accounts reached, the maximum number of simultaneous viewers, comments and shares.

tools to measure success

In addition, it will provide a broader view of how the live broadcasts Y Reels influence the performance of an account.

Instagram is implementing new tools that offers people more detailed information about the scope of the content. In this way, it will be known what type of formats have better performance.

“In the coming months, Instagram will also release new options for predefined time periods for metrics. That will expand beyond the last 7 and 30 days and will include the last 14 days, the previous month and the last 90 days “

The metrics will also be included in the web version for the Feed and Stories. This update is expected to be visible in the next few days, for iOS and Android users. While on desktop it could take a couple of months.

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