Instagram incorporates a map that will show the most interesting places


To offer more options to its users, Instagram incorporated a map that will show the most popular places near the user

Instagram It is still one of the most used applications worldwide, to stay in the top places the platform continues to develop new functions that are attractive to its users.

It was recently revealed that the app had incorporated a function with which users will be able to know the most popular places in the area where they are. Is about ‘search on the map‘.


This tool Instagram would show the most interesting places to visit. At Map It would show different options such as restaurants, cafes, parks, etc. regardless of whether they are in a tourist area or not.

‘Search on the map‘expands the capabilities of the search bar, this way the most popular sites would be displayed. The options would be displayed with large icons in the Map.

The options would appear depending on the location of the user and the popularity of the establishments.

The ‘map search‘can be used directly in the navigation tab – where a map icon will appear in the upper right corner – or through hashtags.

In other words, “if #restaurant is used for a recommendation, the places published with that ‘hashtag’ are exposed on the search results page”.

instagram map

The first reports indicate that this function will arrive first in countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal. But it is expected that it could soon reach more countries.

Instagram It was launched in 2010 and has remained one of the five most used applications worldwide.

“Every month, the digital platform registers more than 100 million active users.” It has also become a fundamental tool for direct contact between celebrities and their audience.

It was recently revealed that the platform would have “eliminated the ‘swipe up’ function to go to an external link. Now the stickers will be used for users with more than 10,000 followers ”.

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