Instagram: how to record using the new green screen filter

Good news for those who are not yet big fans of TikTok: Instagram has implemented a new green screen filter in its interface, very similar to that of the aforementioned video application. Without a doubt, today those two apps are probably the leaders of the charts of downloads and also the favorites of the users.

However, there are certain differences between the two and, above all, functions that are lost between one and the other. In TikTok One of the most used filters is that of the green screen (also known as chroma) that allows you to place behind you any image or environment that you need according to the content of your video. Since this is one of the most popular filters in the app, it was to be expected that the competition would not be left wanting to try it.

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Therefore, now in Instagram There is already a green screen filter that works exactly like the one on TikTok and serves the same purposes. With the Telcel network and its Telcel Max Unlimited Planyou can have unlimited access to Instagram and various apps such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to browse with #TelcelTheBest Network with the Greatest Coverage and Speed.

How to use the green screen filter on Instagram?

Instagram's green screen is similar to the popular filter that everyone uses on TikTok.Blog Hola Telcel

In order to use the green screen filter from instagram you need to meet some specifications. The most important thing is to make sure you have the latest version of the app. Otherwise, we recommend that you visit your app store to be aware of all updates.

Once you have the latest version of Instagramyou will need to follow these steps to use the green screen filter:

  • Enter the stories section to record a new one.
  • Activate your front camera.
  • At the bottom you will find the default filters and those that you have added.
  • Swipe all to the left until you reach the magnifying glass icon.
  • Press and search for the word ‘green’.
  • You must select the first one that appears after the search.
  • Once opened you will see yourself in the camera with a background of black and white squares.
  • Select the different default backgrounds below or click on the button that says ‘Add Media’.
  • Select an image from your gallery and that’s it

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What can we achieve with Instagram green screen filter?

Create videos with the background you want with the new Instagram green screen.-Blog Hola Telcel

Of course the stories of Instagram They are the perfect place to share the day to day of our lives. Besides, the green screen filter can help us do very funny things, but also interesting ones.

In addition to creating environments that are out of the ordinary and unrelated to reality, this filter can help you make a most professional presentation. For example, talk about any topic you master and behind you put examples in images for illustrative purposes.

The possibilities are very wide, but the most important thing will always be your creativity. Have you already thought about how you will use this filter?

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