Instagram: How to create rainbow colored texts for your stories?

Can you imagine a life without Instagram? It is practically impossible, since the famous social network has become the most popular, even above TikTok and Facebook.

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Much of its success is due to Instagram Stories, publications that disappear after 24 hours, where you can share photos, videos, GIFs, texts, among many other things. But did you know that it is also possible to add rainbow colors?

Bob Espnja, imagination with rainbows as the secret trick in Instagram Stories for texts- Blog HolaTelcel

There is a secret trick that very few users have managed to discover, with which Instagram allows you to put rainbow colors in the texts you add in your stories. The best thing about this method is that it does not need the installation of other apps and it works on both Android and iOS devices.

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How to create rainbow colored texts for Instagram Stories?

1. Open Instagram and create a new story, it can be photo or video.
2. Place a text in said publication, you can use the font that you like the most.
3. Once written, select all the text.
4. Press and hold a color in the palette until a new gradient bar opens.
5. With another finger move the color bar, see how the text transforms and select your favorite rainbow.

Instagram Stories how to put the text in rainbow colors- Blog HolaTelcel

With this simple procedure you will be able to choose the font color that you like the most and combine it with many more colors. Plus, you can add effects to it with the new Instagram feature to make them appear swipe or typewriter.

Kitten liking a post on Instagram with rainbow colored texts- HolaTelcel Blog

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Did you know this Instagram trick? Share it with all your friends and create the most original, fun and colorful stories.

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