Instagram apologizes to Pedro Almodóvar, after censorship of his tape

After the controversy generated, Instagram offered an apology for having removed the poster of ‘Parallel Mothers’ as it featured a woman’s nipple

Again the policies of Instagram generated great controversy and is that censored the poster of ‘Parallel Mothers’, the new movie of Pedro Almodovar.

According to the platform, the poster went against its conditions of use since it showed a nipple spilling a drop of milk.

Why did Instagram censor the poster of the movie ‘Parallel Mothers’?

The Spanish designer Javier Jaen, creator of the poster for ‘Parallel Mothers’, was in charge of denouncing the censorship of Instagram.

“You should be ashamed, Instagram,” said the designer sharing a screenshot of the social network explaining the removal of the image of the film from Pedro Almodovar for not respecting its rules of use.


Said poster will challenge the nipple and the drop of milk within the contour of an eye, on a red background, giving the whole the air of an eye shedding a tear.

Javier Jaen He did not give up and repositioned the cartel asking his followers to share it to reach more people.

«As expected @instagram has removed the poster we made for Almodóvar’s latest film #madresparalelas. I hang it up again. Thanks for sharing”

Pedro Almodóvar mothers

It should be noted that Parallel Mothers‘will open the 78th Venice Film Festival, which will take place from September 1 to 11. In Spanish cinemas the film of Pedro Almodovar will arrive on September 10.

After the controversial Instagram apologizes for censoring Pedro Almodóvar’s movie poster

The decision caused great controversy on social networks, therefore Instagram offered an apology for censor movie poster Pedro Almodovar.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Facebook owner of Instagram acknowledged that several posters had censored for showing a nipple. According to the post, he violates their nudity rule.

“However, we make exceptions to allow nudity under certain circumstances, including when it is a clear artistic context. Therefore, we have restored the posts that share Almodóvar’s movie poster on Instagram, and we truly regret any confusion caused. “

Pedro Almodóvar censorship

In interview for AP Javier Jaen noted that he stayed true to his design after having the support of Pedro Almodovar.

“He told me that, that in the end he has been making movies all his life and making posters long before Instagram and he will surely do them after Instagram too”

On the apology of Instagram Javier Jaén regretted that his algorithm works that way.

“Today they called me from Facebook (owner of IG) to apologize and say that they understand that it is an artistic context and they are not going to bother us anymore. But what if it hadn’t been Almodóvar? What if it had been you on the beach or another filmmaker’s film? “

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