Instagram and Facebook: New Features and Themes for Star Wars and Selena

Facebook has revealed in its Blog some of the news that are included in the latest update for Messenger and Instagram. Chats and direct messages will have new functions, stickers and themes of Star wars and Selena.

Find out how they work and which are the first teams that can use them. Remember to enjoy all the news from Facebook and Instagram, taking advantage of the fact that these apps are unlimited in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan with #TelcelLaMejorRed and the best coverage.

Visual responses on Instagram

On Instagram you can now send a “visual response” in a private chat; By swiping right on a message, you can reply with a photo or video.

new video responses for instagram
Photo: Messengernews.fb

Another novelty is that now you will know from the inbox if your friends or contacts have already read the messages you sent them.

These options are available in the update for devices with iOS and it is expected to arrive in the next days for Android.

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Chats archived on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger launches two functions that already exist in WhatsApp. You can now archive conversations with a swipe. By swiping on a chat in the inbox, it will be sent to a specific folder for easy finding.

chats archived facebook messenger
Photo: Messengernews.fb

It is also easier to record audio with the new “hands-free” function, that is, it is no longer necessary to hold down the record button, just press once on the microphone.

New themes and stickers for Selena and Star wars

To make your chats more attractive, you can use the new ones stickers of your favorite characters from Star wars and a galaxy background. If you are a fan of Selena: the series, Facebook gives you the option to choose a song inspired by the singer:

“Now you can chat in the darkness of deep space or immerse yourself in the purple flowers of Selena’s legacy”, is announced in the Blog From Facebook.

new selena theme on facebook messenger
Photo: Messengernews.fb

These news are part of the merger of Facebook Messenger and Instagram. What tools do you think they will continue to add?

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