Instagram allows people to ‘like’ Stories

Instagram story likes

Instagram surprised its users with the launch of Story likes, which will allow you to like any Story

Instagram continues to improve its service and has now launched story likeswhich allows people to ‘like’ the stories.

For several months this new tool was in testing, but now it has started to be activated for all users.

In accordance with instagram story likes It will help people reduce the number of inboxes reaching the creator’s inbox.

“Users will be able to ‘like’ a story through a new heart-shaped button that will appear below the screen. Enter the paper airplane icon, which is used to share the story”

story likes

Previously, users could send a history reactionbut they were sent privately as a DM, which could overwhelm the person.

However, now the individual can select if they want to send a reaction privately, a message or simply give it «I like it» to the video via a new heart icon.

With story likes the ‘likes’ will appear in the same section where you can see who viewed your Stories. These will appear as a heart counter and will also show the person who liked the Story.

Adam Mosseri, Chief Executive Officer Instagram shared a video where he explained that the contacts will not publicly see the count of likes of the Stories.

“Only the user who posted that story can see who has ‘liked'”

The person in charge of Instagram he noted that “messaging is a key priority for us, and a big part of that is centered around the DMs between you and the people you care about.”


It should be remembered that Instagram has already begun to implement story likesso it is expected that in the coming weeks it will be available to all users.


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