Instacart hires a senior Facebook executive as its new director.

Ms Simo, who is French, spent a decade at Facebook, where she worked her way from a product marketing role to the head of their “big blue app.” Before that, Ms. Simo worked as a strategist at eBay. A graduate of the HEC School of Management in Paris, she joined Instacart’s board of directors earlier this year.

For Instacart, Ms Simo’s appointment marks another step towards potentially becoming a public company.

Instacart makes money by selling subscriptions to its on-demand grocery service and through associated fees. But you are looking to grow your ad business with brands that want to promote their groceries to customers on the platform. Ms. Simo worked in Facebook’s advertising business and helped develop portions of the company’s mobile advertising.

“We are grateful for Fiji ‘s incredible leadership over the past decade and wish him all the best in his next endeavor,” said Tom Williams, Facebook spokesman.

Tom Alison, a Facebook product and engineering executive, will take over the day-to-day operations of the Facebook app in late July. CNBC previously reported on Ms. Simo’s departure from Facebook.

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