Incredible discounts on wireless headphones with great autonomy

Wireless headphones are one of the most used accessories nowadays together with our mobile phones, tablet, smartwatch or other devices. When buying some, there are many details to take into account, design, resistance to water or sweat, wireless range, noise cancellation, whether or not it has an integrated microphone and of course, its autonomy. And is that if there is something that we do not like anyone, is to use our headphones and find that the battery has run out. If you do not want to easily encounter this problem, we are going to show you some models of wireless headphones with great autonomy that we can find on offer.

When we have to choose a headset to listen to music or answer our calls in hands-free mode, there is an important factor that can make us decide on one model or another, the price. And there is no doubt that the budget we have is going to influence the type of headphones we buy.

Wireless headphones with interesting discounts

That is why we are going to show some models with different prices so that everyone can choose the one that best suits their needs or budget. Models that offer good autonomy so that we do not have to be waiting to charge them throughout the day.

Huawei X1

These Huawei headphones are a completely wireless model that has a noise reduction system to maintain a much clearer and clearer conversation when we make or answer a call in hands-free mode. They have Bluetooth 5.0 for a fast and stable connection with a range of up to 10 meters and an ergonomic design to be able to wear them for hours in a very comfortable way. Its autonomy is up to 24 hours, while the price is 48.78 euros. Of course, it is a model that we can buy now on sale for only 28.56 euros.

Huawei X1 wireless headphones on sale

Xiaomi Air 2S

The Xiaomi Air 2S are other wireless headphones that offer great autonomy. So much so, that thanks to the headphones’ own battery together with the one provided by the case, it is possible to enjoy them during 24 hours. It is a model that has technology that reduces sound delay and cancellation of environmental noise, so the user experience is very good. In addition, it allows custom settings from the Xiaomi app on our mobile. The official price is 56.99 euros, but we can buy them now for 50 euros.

Xiaomi Air 2S Wireless Headphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Without a doubt, it is an offer that you cannot miss if you are looking for high-quality headphones, a very careful design and great autonomy. These Galaxy Buds + feature dynamic 2-way speakers that deliver AKG sound with rich highs and deep bass, and three adaptive microphones for crystal-clear conversations. A high-level experience that is at our fingertips right now, since they have an incredible 54% discount. Therefore, while their official price is 172.55 euros, it is now possible to get them for 93.45 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + Wireless Headphones

Jabra Elite 75t

These Jabra Elite 75t are noise-canceling Bluetooth wireless headphones that offer great ergonomics to fit anyone. A headset that allows you to adjust the sound from the Jabra Sound + app and that offers autonomy in noise cancellation mode of up to 24 hours. Some headphones with resistance to water and sweat whose official price is 199.99 euros and that now we can buy with an incredible discount for only 135 euros.

Jabra elite 75t wireless headphones

Sony WFXB700

These Sony headphones are a totally wireless model with simultaneous Bluetooth connection in both headphones and that offer water resistance thanks to their IPX4 certificate. A model with an integrated microphone that allows us to make and answer calls in hands-free modes and that offers autonomy of up to 18 hours. The price of this model is 150 euros, but now it is less than half the price, only 69 euros.

Sony WFXB700 Wireless Headphones

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