Incredible discounts on straps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Another highlight of the Xiaomi bracelet is the high degree of customization that it offers us. And is that today, we can find straps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for all tastes and occasions. From silicone straps of all colors, metal straps, leather, etc. Different models that allow us to convert the bracelet into the ideal complement for every occasion.

Straps on offer for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Below we show you some of the most interesting offers on straps compatible with the Asian manufacturer’s bracelet so that you can choose the one you like the most depending on the touch you want to give it.

Silicone strap in various colors

High quality silicone strap for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and resistance to pulls and water. It has a closure with lots of holes to adjust the bracelet to the size of any wrist and is available in 15 different colors so you can choose the one you like best. You can even buy several units to match your clothes at all times. The price of this strap is 4.78 euros, but now it is possible to buy it on sale for only € 1.70 plus shipping costs.

Silicone strap Xiaomi mi Band 5

Pack of 14 units

If you want to have a strap for each day or for each occasion depending on how you are dressed, you can also choose to buy a pack like this. It has 14 silicone straps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, all of them in different colors and made of silicone that is very soft to the touch and highly resistant. The pack of 14 straps costs 9.29 euros, but now it has a 15% discount and we can buy it for 7.89 euros.

Pack 14 xiaomi mi band 5 straps

Pack of 3 units

If what you are looking for is a discreet silicone strap, then this pack of 3 units in gray, white and pink, all of them very soft, may be the best option. Straps with easy adjustment for any size of wrist and made of high quality silicone, light and do not irritate the skin. The three-pack is priced at 5.99 euros, but now has a 15% discount.

pack 3 pcs strap xiaomi mi band 5

Metal strap

For times when it is necessary to wear something more elegant, it is possible to turn the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 into an ideal complement thanks to this metal strap. It is made of stainless steel with a safety lock and a link design. It is available in different colors and has a 37% discount. While its official price is 18.99 euros, now we can get it for only 11.99 euros.

metal strap xiaomi mi band 5

Leather and metal strap

If what we are looking for is a quality and modern strap for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, then this one with a leather strap and metal case is a great alternative. It has a 100% leather strap with a buckle closure and pins for a perfect fit and a metal case to house the bracelet itself with a perfect hold. The original price of this model is 19.99 euros, but we can buy it now for only 12.99 euros.

leather strap xiaomi mi band 5

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