Incredible autonomy at the best price

One of the main limitations of electric scooters is undoubtedly autonomy. The truth is that if we have the possibility of being able to charge it while we are working, it allows us to have full autonomy to return home, although this may not be possible. In that case, we will have to have a model that offers us sufficient autonomy to carry out our daily journey with the guarantee of not being left stranded.

Incredible power and autonomy

Although there are several models of electric scooters that offer great autonomy, the truth is that the Ninebot MAX G30 takes the cake in this regard, since it is capable of traveling up to 65 km on a single charge. Besides, his powerful 350 W motor It allows you to climb slopes of up to 15% incline without having to get off it.
Electric ninebot max g30 patiente

A model that offers a maximum speed of 30 km / h, which has a highly resistant chassis and a weight of 18 kg. The dimensions are 116.7 x 47.2 x 120.3 cm, although thanks to its fast folding system it is possible to reduce its dimensions to transport it comfortably. On the handlebar it is equipped with a information display where we can see the data and status of the scooter, being able to choose between the three driving modes that this Ninebot MAX G30 offers us, see the available battery level, etc.

Another detail that stands out about this model is its 10 inch wheels, which are also accompanied by an electronic and regenerative brake at the rear and a front drum brake. It also has a front light for driving at night, taillights and brake lights, as well as a set of side and rear reflectors.

This electric scooter supports a weight of up to 100 kg, offers water resistance thanks to its IPX5 certified and requires a time of 6 hours to fully recharge its battery.

Big Discount for Ninebot MAX G30 Electric Scooter

The price of this Ninebot MAX G30 electric scooter is 753.30 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find at the moment in Gearbest, it is possible to get it at a greatly reduced price. Specifically, a 19% discount has been applied, which allows you to buy the scooter at a final price of 611.01 euros.

Electric ninebot max g30 patiente

The scooter is shipped from Poland, but the offer includes free shipping to Spain with a delivery time of only between 2 and 5 business days from its shipment. Therefore, if you place your order now, you can receive the scooter at home in just a few days.

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