Impressive discount on the Aiwa HE-888BT soundbar

Soundbar Aiwa HE-888BT on sale

It is true that we can find other models much more powerful, but if what we want is to improve the sound of our Smart TV without having to invest a lot of money, there is no doubt that this is a great option. It’s about the model Aiwa HE-888BT, a sound bar whose price before the offer was established at 114.75 euros and that we can now get at a reduced price.

Aiwa he-888bt side soundbar

Specifically, the online shopping giant has applied more than a 25% discount on this model, which means a saving of more than 31 euros if we buy it while the offer lasts. In this way, we can have it at home at a price of only 83.20 euros. A product sold and shipped by Amazon that offers a delivery time of just one business day, so we can start enjoying it within approximately 24 hours. If we are also customers subscribed to the Amazon Prime service, we can take advantage of free shipping.

Great option at a very affordable price

At first glance, we can appreciate how this Aiwa HE-888BT soundbar has a modern low-profile design, which allows us to place it under almost any television. It should be noted that it is a model with a great dynamic range thanks to its woofer and high frequency drivers and that it has DSP or Digital Signal Processor with four modes specially configured for movies, voice, music and sports.

It has a wide and interesting section of connectivity, since it is one of the sound bars that has Bluetooth 5.0, which allows us to connect it with the TV and other devices wirelessly, it also has HDMI ARC + CEC input, optical + coaxial input for digital audio connections of television, blu-ray or dvd, supplied with 3.5 mm auxiliary and USB port for direct reproduction of our favorite music in format MP3.

Aiwa he-888bt sound bar

As we already anticipated, this Aiwa HE-888BT soundbar offers a 60W power with low distortion that allows us to enjoy an improved audiovisual experience compared to what our own television offers us. And as if that were not enough, it is a model compatible with all devices that have a Bluetooth connection, that is, we can connect to it from the TV if it offers this type of connectivity, but also from our mobile or tablet, regardless of if they have an iOS or Android operating system. For remote control, it includes an ergonomic remote control.

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