IFA 2021 | The great technology fair is canceled due to Covid-19

IFA 2021

The organizers indicated that they have decided to cancel the IFA 2021 due to the uncertainty about Covid-19

In April it was announced that the IFA 2021 would be done in a way face-to-face. However the organizers have decided to back off and cancel the great technology fair.

According to the organizing committee, the decision was made after having several conversations with public health experts. It was discovered that there is still great uncertainty about the Covid-19.

technology fair

Vaccination was expected to advance more rapidly around the world, however there has been a delay in most programs to receive the drug.

Added to this is the uncertainty that those interested may travel to Berlin to participate in the IFA 2021. From participating companies and companies, to the press, the media and participants in general.

Ultimately, several key global health metrics did not move in the right direction as quickly as expected: from the rapid emergence of new variants of Covid-19, as is the case in South Asia, to continued uncertainties about the implementation of vaccination programs around the world “

The organizers also took into account that Messe Berlin – the huge convention center where the fair takes place – serves as a vaccination and emergency hospitalization center for Covid-19.

In this sense, it is speculated that the place will not be available for the date on which it was planned to do the IFA 2021.

Organizers expect IFA 2022 to be face-to-face

Kai Hillebrandt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH, pointed out that there is simply a lot of uncertainty right now to be able to organize a massive event.


‚ÄúThere are simply too many uncertainties now. Therefore, right now it has become almost impossible for anyone to responsibly plan their participation in any trade fair “

The organizers point out that they are already in sight so that next year the technology fair in person.

Some media detail that the IFA 2021 It will be held digitally from September 3 to 7. In this way, each manufacturer will be able to make a virtual presentation of their products.

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