Huge offer for the Cecotec Bongo Series Z on Amazon

Everything will depend on our needs, but there are several key aspects that we will have to ask an electric scooter. We can look at the design or functionalities such as its handling with a mobile app. However, aspects such as autonomy or power are essential to move in our day to day. All that and more we have it in the electric Bongo Series Z, whose discount makes it enormously attractive at the moment.

Cecotec Electric Scooter Bongo Z Series red

Great autonomy and resistance

Some say that this is the mobility of the future, but the truth is that it already belongs to the present. This scooter has rear wheel drive and has been designed with a removable battery system with autonomy from 45 km. The battery can be recharged anywhere with a power outlet, allowing you to be ready again in minutes. It should also be noted its 12-inch tubeless wheels, which provide safety, by having an anti-blowout system.

As for its driving, it is very stable thanks to its large board, being able to circulate at a maximum of 25 km / h. The good news is that it has a powerful 1,100W motor, making it easy to climb hills. In your on-board computer we can control aspects such as speed, the kilometers traveled, both in total and in the trip and the battery level. In addition, we can configure three driving modes:

  • Eco mode: for safe, battery-saving operation
  • Comfort mode: provides good urban performance with minimal consumption
  • Sport mode: you will be able to reach maximum power and a maximum speed of up to 25 km / h

Cecotec Bongo Z Series Electric Scooter

Nor is it lame, much less in the security section, since this Bongo Series Z has a double extreme safety braking system, that combines a front and a rear disc brake. Designed to guarantee maximum safety, it will be possible to brake without problem on any urban surface.

A crazy discount

Its benefits are high, but its price is rather on the ground. If we see the official prices in the Cecotec store, we see that this Bongo Series Z was originally worth 1,248.33 euros. Nevertheless, We find it right now on Amazon for 658.99 euros, which represents a reduction of almost 600 euros on said official price. We are facing a very attractive offer at the moment. In addition, shipping is completely free for Amazon Prime customers, who can also opt for the installment payment method. The big question is the same as always, that is, that the offer is valid right now, but we do not know how long it will be available. This means that you shouldn’t take long to make a decision, as it will likely return to its normal price soon.

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