Huge discount on Sony WH-H910N headphones

It is common to have several headphones at home, but you have never considered taking the step to the definitive ones. It is true that having a quality and durable product is usually synonymous with a higher outlay, but everything can be fixed if we find offers like the one we found. These Sony WH-H910N are headband style and have high-end technical features to listen to music, play games or watch movies with great quality.

Sony WH-H910N

Enviable sound

These headphones have extra-flat ear cushions and a silicone headband that better adjusts to the head. They are comfortable for long hours of use and can be folded for easy storage in a case or bag. They have two microphones with “Noise Canceling” (noise cancellation) one for feedforward and one for feedback, so they filter out more ambient sounds, be it the noise of an airplane, traffic or office conversations.

Another of the strongest points of these headphones is in its battery, since they promise up to 35 hours of autonomy. The good news is that if we are exhausted in full use, we can make a fast charge of 10 minutes, which will offer us up to 2.5 hours of playback. This model features powerful 25mm drivers, made with very stiff aluminum domes and smooth urethane-rimmed diaphragms, ideal for reproducing a wide range of frequencies, from the deepest bass to the highest voices. In addition, they feature Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX technology, which makes digital music files sound rich and natural, regardless of compression.

Sony WH-H910N folded

The Sony WH-H910N are compatible with voice assistants cLike Siri or Google Assistant, which can be activated using the touch controls. These headphones can be linked with the “Sony Headphones Connect” application that allows us to adjust the equalizer settings, choose the default values ​​of surround sound and other settings.

A discount of almost 100 euros

This is one of the occasions that should not be missed, if you have been looking for quality headphones for a long time. These Sony WH-H910N have an official price of 300 euros, but right now We find them on Amazon for only 203 euros. This represents a discount of 97 euros compared to this original cost, or what is the same, a 32% discount. Amazon Prime customers will not have to add any cost for shipping costs. In addition, they will also be able to opt for payment in installments thanks to this modality offered by the purchasing portal. However, we do not know for how long this discount will be available, so now may be the time to get hold of them.

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