Huge discount for the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick with Android TV

There are several reasons why we want to buy this product. First of all, we may have an old TV that works perfectly but it is not SmartTV. With this small stick in the shape of a pendrive the we will turn into a SmartTV with Android TV in a matter of seconds. It may also be the case that we do have a SmartTV, but its interface is horrendous or its support has been abandoned by the manufacturer, in whose chaos we are facing a perfect solution.

xiaomi tv stick and content

Small and ready to use

In My TV Stick it is an extremely small product, as we say, the size of a pendrive and with an HDMI input to connect to a TV or monitor. With this size it is perfect even to travel and to be able to take the TV with us on any trip. The good news is that it weighs less than 30 grams and does not need to connect to anything other than the television. If the TV has USB ports, we can feed it directly with the TV so as not to depend on the external power supply.

When connecting to the TV and after configuring some parameters such as Wi-Fi, we will have the Android TV interface in front of us, with which we can download all apps from Google Play, thanks to its 8 GB of internal memory. Therefore, we will have at our disposal all the main video-on-demand apps such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Filmin, FlixOlé or Disney Plus. In addition, we can download games, link a Bluetooth controller (or play from the remote control) and turn the Stick into a mini-video game console.

player size Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The good news is that the Mi TV Stick integrates Chromecast, so we will have all the interaction and content launch options offered by the Google device. As if that were not enough, it has a small control knob that has a dedicated button to access the Google Assistant, so we can order content, series or movies simply with our voice. This small device integrates DTS multi-channel HD audio decoding, which guarantees high quality surround audio.

Cheaper than ever

If you look at the official price of the device, the Mi TV Stick costs 39.99 euros, but right now we can buy it for only 31.07 euros. This is a breakthrough price for a product that gives a lot for the price it costs. The good news is that shipping is also free, so we are talking about the full price of the MI TV Sitck. What we have to warn is that it is a “flash” offer, so it is very likely that it will soon be operational again at its usual price.

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